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Three years ago we bought our first home in Gig Harbor. It had a lovely large backyard – one of the main selling points – that was completely covered in lawn. Wanting to do something little more eco-friendly, we completely removed all the turf.

We love to garden, but knew we needed help with “next steps.“ A major factor in choosing Lindsey was knowing that she was getting her landscape design certification through the Association of Master Gardeners.


Our first meeting with Lindsey was very different than I had imagined it would be. There was no discussion of plant choice or design features. Rather, it was a getting-to-know-us session, to ascertain what were our “hopes and dreams” for our garden. Lindsey‘s questions were very thought-provoking, and the one question that particularly stands out in my memory, is one that I feel is essential when working with a couple. That is, if there is a strong difference of opinion or ideas within the couple, who gets the final say!


Dianne and Alex design their summer garden escape, Gig Harbor, WA 2021



Project Name

When we did arrive at the stage of landscape design and plant choice, Lindsey was very thorough and very helpful with her suggestions. I feel her use of visuals is one of her strongest assets. The landscape design document itself was thoroughly detailed in it’s rendering. Her knowledge of plants is vast, and she had some novel ideas about plant sourcing other than just going down and buying everything from a nursery. When, at one point we felt stuck, she sat down with us and created a “to do“ list… tasks, who was responsible for each task, and a timeline for completing the tasks.


Project Name

Lindsey is very generous with her time and showed genuine interest in our project - and she is fun to work with! In summary, we give her a definite “thumbs up!“

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