My session has been one of the best things that has happened. Talking with more people on their feelings certainly helped me connect better.

Seng L, Product Marketing Manager, China

4-D Leadership Development

Discovery, Diversity, Distributing, Deliberate 


Be a connected change maker for the greater good of your team, organization and community

Collaboration is a vital feature of business life. A networked perspective provides visibility into information and builds relationships that foster collaboration at network nodal points that improve strategy alignment, innovation, agility and leadership capacity.

This workshop explores four zones that catapult distributed eco-leadership behaviors based on the research of Dr. Simon Western. With the “greater good” in mind, this approach delivers long term sustainable and ethical outcomes.

Program overview

  • Envision the unique future of your environment, team, organization.

  • Explore your awareness of self and the ability to enlist allies through connectedness.

  • Participants will dig deep into their own uniqueness and experience first-hand, the special contributions and strengths of those around them.

  • Identify the support and development that will accelerate and amplify impact in their roles.

  • Hone in on listening as a powerful tool to navigate the complexities of today’s fast changing environments.

  • Gain deep insights into repetitive patterns, behaviors and beliefs that inhibit change and create alternative ways of thinking through four-dimensional network solutions.

  • Create a network map and identify relationships using the eco-leadership framework designed by Dr. Simon Western.

  • Empower participants to embrace their ability to democratize strategy with creative solutions.

  • Leave with a day where organizational learning is amplified through observation, reflection, participation and connecting beyond their current silos.

  • Tangible enrichment in authenticity, self awareness, trust, transparency, objectivity, triggers and levers, strengths and shadows, listening, feedback, collaboration, self-limiting beliefs, innovation, empowerment, ownership and sustainability. Often we add to the list because of your  


Options and Audience

One or Two Full day programs

Designed for executives, senior leaders and individual contributors


Workshop components

Pre-workshop materials and reflection

State of Younion Survey – WithU Consulting

State of Network Survey - WithU Consulting

Wild Leadership Questionnaire – Analytic-Network Coaching

All programs facilitated in person

Additional resources are provided for continued development

Post-workshop Questionnaire 

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