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Working with Lindsey to design my space was enlightening. We started off with a patch of weeds and ended up with a sanctuary of edibles and beautiful beneficials.

Denise T Parowan, Utah 2020

Landscape Design

Discover, Design, Delight 


Be connected with your outdoor space in a way like never before.

Collaboration is a vital feature of the WithU landscape process. A team perspective provides visibility into what you personally want to experience when you step outside.

Design overview

  • Envision the unique future of your outdoor environment.

  • I work to understand your mirco-climate zones and areas of activity in your space.

  • I provide you with resources to help you with your vision board.

  • Once we have all the data, I design, review, tweak and finalize your vision.

  • Leave the discovery session with a new perspective of your space, ideas and considerations previously unexplored.

Design Process

Pre-session materials and reflection - Pre session

State of Your Garden Survey  - Pre session

Your current site - In person or via zoom

Personalized Garden Vision - In Person or via Zoom

Design - in Person or via zoom

Design tweak - in Person or via zoom

Next Step Follow up Summary - Email

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