Just sending a quick message to thank you and the team for all the soul searching you put me through. It was a real honor to meet you and interact with the team. You started the vulnerable and authentic trend with storytelling.

AK, BU Head, South Africa

Build Relationships through Storytelling

Revenue growth is FOUR times faster and share price growth 12 times faster for cultures based on a value story

28 times – the ROI on products that have a story which evokes emotion.

Storytelling is an art of communication that has transcended the ages – it is a building block of human understanding.


Engage, influence and motivate through authentic storytelling. We’ve delivered programs around the globe and in every culture, storytelling is a powerful connecting skill.

Program overview

  • Understand the “Why” of storytelling – the way our communication connects at a psychological level and how storytelling acts as a bridge of understanding between different cultures and backgrounds.

  • Explore the building blocks that you can use to craft stories for your team, clients and connect your people to the business strategy.

  • Bring to life the “How” of the building blocks and find your own storytelling voice using metaphors and visualization techniques.

  • Experiential application during the workshop allows you to collaborate with peers and practice coaching and receiving feedback.

  • Practice with an expert and peers for a real-life scenario and be ready to apply it post workshop.

  • Gain fluency in the steps of storytelling and have the confidence to create 2-3 stories to be an inspirational leader or individual contributor.

  • Exercise listening skills and develop comfort with creative risk-taking.

  • Overall improve your leadership impact.


Options and Audience

Full day program

Designed for executives, senior leaders and individual contributors who are earnest about understanding and authentically bringing to life the  art of storytelling to connect to the hearts and minds of those they interact with.

Options for follow on learning to practice with an expert.

Workshop components

    Pre-workshop materials and reflection

    Readiness questionnaire on Storytelling

    All programs facilitated in person

    Additional resources are provided for continued development

    Post-workshop Questionnaire.

2019 WithU Consulting Seattle, WA