Our story...

We are a networked group of professionals who help companies develop connected thinkers to explore what's possible beyond constraints and boundaries.

Imagine a think tank of leaders, facilitators, executives, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who banded together because of the common notion that flexibility fuels creative ideas. A motley crew from around the globe who love working with companies that value talent enrichment.


We bring decades of collective wisdom together to create powerful experiences which energize environments where teams, individuals and companies thrive. 


The WithU pace is measured and purposeful - we first get to know you. We understand that being an invested partner takes time and we're cool with that. 

We keep it real and partner with people and companies who care about crafting compelling and lasting experiences. We consider the entire eco-system and how what we do impacts Triple Bottom Line. (People, Planet, Profit)

We are not great at blabbing on blogs, lurking on LinkedIn liking posts, imagining the next impressive Instagram post or creatively connecting with the click de jour. 

It's that face to face interaction where the magic happens.

Whether an outdoor walk (even in Seattle snow!), coffee chat or meetup hack, we'll be around to connect. 

When leaders make trust relevant for their people and reinforce its value in the organization, people will bring that culture to life.

Lindsey Coen-Fernandez - WithU Partner

2019 WithU Consulting Seattle, WA