I have been practicing the leadership habits and my team have told me that they have observed a positive difference in my leadership style. That, and self reflection have helped! Thanks again!


Tarang W. Sr. Director Enterprise Software - Australia

Analytic Network Coaching


Coaching for clarity, inter-conectedness and "forward" networking

We combine over 20 years of research and experience in sustainable behavior change with the world recognized Analytic-Network 5-frame coaching system.

“The happiest people discover their own nature and match their life to it.” Ray DalioPrinciples: Life and Work

Each journey considers the individual holistically through the lens of the 5-frames – from deep analysis of the self, relational analysis, networked analysis, leadership analysis to strategic analysis on the "what's next."

With the “greater good” in mind, this approach delivers long term sustainable and ethical outcomes.

This coaching journey considers those who have a desire for a new direction, feel frustrated with the status quo, are ready for the next chapter of their career or life’s journey, are experiencing uncertainty about their future, need that outside in perspective, are afraid of risk and change or need that extra motivation to leapfrog them to a new state of being.

Program overview

  • Discover deep insights into the self – we use different environments or tools tailored to the individual.

  • Explore your awareness of self and the ability to enlist allies through connectedness.

  • Network mapping of an individual’s connectedness and analysis of relationships therein.

  • Identify the support and development that will accelerate and amplify impact in their roles.

  • Consideration of environmental, political, technical aspects of networks – how they breathe life into the eco-network as if it were a living organism.

  • Gain deep insights into repetitive patters, behaviors and beliefs that inhibit change and create alternative ways of thinking through four-dimensional network solutions.

  • Empower participants to embrace their ability to democratize strategy with creative solutions.

Options and Audience

Leaders, entrepreneurs or individual contributors.

If you’re ready to upend the status quo, unleash new opportunities through collaboration and make unrealized possibilities realized, let’s chat.

Workshop components

Pre-workshop materials and reflection

State of Younion Survey – WithU Consulting

State of Network Survey – WithU Consulting

Wild Leadership Questionnaire – Analytic Network Coaching – optional

The coaching journey is tailored to each individual

Additional resources are provided for continued development

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