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Lindsey, please can we schedule a session with you to discuss our design!

Sure, what's the problem?

We are stuck and don't know where to start!

Dianne and Alex L, 2022

Garden Coaching


Coaching for clarity and a definitive way forward

Lindsey combines over 20 years of experience in helping people with change and uses these same principles to help people who want to change their outdoor environment. 

Each journey considers the individual holistically and what resources, environment and time is available.

With the “greater good” in mind, this approach delivers long term sustainable and ethical outcomes to your outdoors.

The garden coaching experience considers those who have a desire for a new direction, feel frustrated with the status quo, are ready for the next chapter of their outdoor space, need that outside in perspective, are afraid of risk and change or need that extra motivation to get going.

Typical questions

  • It's your space, now what? When? How? Who? Why? 

  • How does your outdoors breathe life into your daily living?

  • What about weeds?

  • Is my soil correct soil?

  • The deers and rabbits eat my plants.. what to do?

  • What do they mean by natives?

  • What berries can I grow in PNW?

  • I can kill a cactus so how I can grow a garden or maintain an oasis?


 One hour sessions available or a package of 5 Sessions for project management and consulting.


If you’re ready to upend the status quo of your garden, let’s chat.

Session components

The coaching session is tailored to each individual

Bi-monthly A-Z Gardening Tips WithU

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