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Bespoke Journey

"Coaching is taking a player where they can't take themselves." Jose Mourinho

Discover the magic within. How can you change the way you think and show up for powerful impact?



a Culture of Trust

1 day, 1/2 day 

"Great places to work make the most money." The Trust Index

Understand trust, the impact on professional and personal relationships and how to build it everyday.

Authentic Storytelling 

1 - 2 days

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story." Maya Angelou

What is your story? How do you tell it authentically? How can you connect your story with great business impact?


4-D Leadership Enrichment

1 - 2 days

"Unleashing leadership learning from new social movements." Dr. Simon Western

Discover your leadership potential. Do you lead through influence or control?

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