Advanced Analytic Network Coach Training

Lindsey Coen-Fernandez, WithU Partner, met Simon Western on a plane from London to Seattle, where Simon was going to be working with Microsoft Leaders. She was inspired by his Analytic Network Coaching Framework and a few months later flew to South Africa to participate in his Advanced Analytic Network Coach Training.


We believe the power of knowledge is sharing it. With this as an ethos, we have partnered with Dr. Simon Western, a renowned researcher and author of three publications and numerous research papers. 

Simon's work with multi-nationals like HSBC, London Business School, NHS and numerous other organizations has been a changemaker in organizational thinking.

Simon is disrupting coaching and we are excited to partner with him for his inaugural training event in Seattle. 


Join us on November 6th, 7th & 8th in Seattle for this transformative journey!

2019 WithU Consulting Seattle, WA