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Lindsey's mom, 90 years old, is still her "go to gardening coach!" She worked in a nursery, her mother worked in a nursery and, growing up, their vegetable garden was their primary source of fresh produce. Her mom knows the latin names of plants - Lindsey doesn't! BUT, her mom never stopped learning and sharing her knowledge. She is the inspiration for this series.

We believe the power of knowledge is sharing it. With this as an ethos, a group of Horticulture specialists have collaborated to provide first hand guidance to YOU, on what to do in YOUR garden. 


Lindsey's mom - Kele

Wake Up Your Winter Garden Journey


Imagine tapping in to 40 years of combined landscape, home horticulture, gardening experience in an intimate, interactive session. That's exactly what you'll get with the WithU Landscape "Wake Up Your Winter Garden Journey! STARTS APRIL 13!

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Lindsey Coen-Fernandez

Lindsey left the corporate world to grow her own groceries. The result is that her family eats tastier food with no chemicals. She was drawn back to her roots of growing up on a farm.


Today she is an urban farmer, home horticulturist and permaculture landscape designer. Lindsey's goal is to work alongside each client to realize their own vision. One plant is all it takes to start. The rest of the story is the clients' to write. Everyone has it in them to be a gardener. So let's go shopping in your own backyard!

Harolyn Jubar Engleskirchen 

Harolyn has always had an interest in plants and growing things. Natural science was one of her favorite subjects and she always had a plant growing somewhere. Wherever she found herself, Harolyn would set roots with houseplants that she nurtured and propagated for years at a time.


The opportunity to expand her horticulture knowledge and experience came when she transformed a neglected city lot into a vegetable garden of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, and a variety of squash among other herbs and flowers.


When urban living turned to suburban living, Harolyn planted her own vegetable gardens. Now that suburban living has turned to rural living, sustainability is her foremost priority; being able to grow all of her veggies and fruits instead of going to the store is her end goal.


Having fruit trees on the property, Harolyn needed to learn more about them; therefore, she took a fruit tree education series and joined a group that specialized in pruning for health and production. She currently provides consultation for homeowners in gardening, fruit tree education and pruning.


Throughout Harolyn’s horticultural journey, she always shared her knowledge with others who wanted to learn how to start their own gardens and became a Master Gardener to provide gardening education to the community.

Five Sessions Included

Garden design to match your lifestyle

April 13, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

How to design your garden and consider:

Your budget Your vision Your time available Your timeline Your space Your environment and zone

Grow your own groceries

May 18, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

No chemicals, home grown and delicious but.. What do I grow? When to plant? How to manage? How much to plant? Seeds vs. starts?

Color your garden world

June 22, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

How to add color? Annuals vs. Perennials Daisies, daffodils, dandelions and more Weeds - friend or foe Extending the color season Saving on seeds


Waterwise and natives that hold their own

July 20, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

How to adapt to my climate? Beneficials for bees and butterflies Low maintenance and aesthetic Environmentally friendly Sustainable Natural landscapes Plant the edges

Pruning 101 - become an outdoor artist

August 17, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

My trees look like a chia pet - how to correct poor pruning? When to prune? How to prune? Benefits of pruning? What to look for in annual pruning? Tools and resources

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