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Orange Blossom



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Your own garden and groceries..



...grow your own groceries - it's healthy, therapeutic and rewarding.

...incorporate water-wise landscapes and natives in beautiful and sustainable designs.

Be trendy!

Everyone has their own gardening journey and I consider that when working WithU. It's a personalized approach

  • your budget

  • your space

  • your vision

  • your time

  • your environment

  • your timeline!

I left the corporate world to grow my own groceries. The result is that we eat tastier food with less chemicals. I was drawn back to my roots of growing up on a farm. Today I am an urban farmer, home horticulturist and permaculture landscape designer. My goal is to work alongside each client to realize their own vision. One plant is all it takes to start. The rest of the story is yours to write. Everyone has it in them to be a gardener. So let's go shopping in your own backyard!

Beautiful gardens are a part of the equation - the end result of each design WithU is to make you feel like each day you enter your own oasis of nature. 

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